The D2d Story

D2d enrolls 2,000th participant

A participant from the Nebraska site was the 2,000th participant enrolled in the D2d study. Click here to find out more about the Nebraska site.


D2d enrolls 1,500th participant

A participant from the Florida site was the 1,500th participant enrolled in the D2d Study. Click here to find out more about the Florida site.


D2d Annual Meeting

The D2d Study held its third Annual Meeting in Arlington, VA. Click here to see photos from this year’s meeting.


D2d enrolls 1,000th participant

A participant from the MedStar site was the 1,000th participant enrolled in the D2d Study. Click here to find out more about the MedStar site.


D2d Annual Meeting

The second Annual Meeting was held in Crystal City, MD. Click here to see photos from the meeting


First D2d Publication

Rationale and Design of the Vitamin D and Type 2 Diabetes (D2d) Study: A Diabetes Prevention Trial – click here to read article


D2d enrolls 500th participant

The 500th participant enrolled in the D2d Study.


Recruitment begins

D2d sites across are prescreening for people at risk for diabetes (i.e. pre-diabetes) to join D2d. For recruitment activity near you, please click here.


First NIDDK supported trial to use IRBShare

D2d is the first NIDDK-supported trial and only the fifth NIH-supported study to join the IRBShare pilot phase.


Investigators Kick-off meeting

The first Investigators’ Meeting is held in Bethesda, MD. D2d investigators and coordinators worked together to plan a successful study launch.


DSMB inaugural meeting

The first Data Safety Monitoring Board meeting takes place in Bethesda, MD.


U01 cooperative agreement grant awarded

Tufts Medical Center receives the UO1 cooperative agreement grant, supported by NIDDK and ODS, to conduct D2d.


U01 cooperative agreement grant reviewed

Tufts Medical Center’s U01 grant application undergoes scientific peer review by NIH Special Emphasis Study Section.


U01 cooperative agreement grant submitted

Tufts Medical Center submits a 1,140 page U01 cooperative agreement grant to NIH for funding to conduct D2d.


Progress of U34 planning phase reviewed

NIDDK External Evaluation Committee reviews the progress of the U34 planning phase and recommends to proceed with U01 grant application.


U34 implementation grant awarded

Tufts Medical Center is awarded a NIDDK-supported U34 planning grant, which provides support, NIH programmatic involvement, and technical assistance for the planning of D2d.


U34 implementation grant submitted

Tufts Medical Center submits a U34 planning grant to NIH for supporting the activities to establish a research team, tools for data management and study design of D2d.


NIDDK allows submission of implementation grant application

Tufts Medical Center receives approval for the submission of a U34 planning grant for D2d.


NIDDK Preliminary Review of D2d

NIDDK Large Studies Committee reviews preliminary concept of the D2d study.


R01 grant

NIDDK/ODS-supported R01 grant for the Calcium & Vitamin D and Diabetes Mellitus (CaDDM) trial is awarded to Tufts Medical Center.