“The staff is terrific. I’ve learned so much about preventing diabetes.”


JoAnne and her husband are both first time research participants at the D2d site in Maine.


What D2d site are you associated with?

Maine Medical Center

Is this the first research study you’ve participated in? How has your experience been so far?

This is the first research study that I’ve participated in. It has been a wonderful experience. The staff is terrific. I’ve learned so much about preventing diabetes from the staff. I have an UP 24 Jawbone now and keep track of my steps everyday. My goal is 7000 steps /day. I’m working on improving my diet with more proteins than carbs. Natural sugars are easy now with all the summer produce. Guess you can tell that I’m really into this.

Did you feel informed about what was going to happen at your visit? Did the staff answer all your questions?

The staff is wonderful. They are great at answering questions, making suggestions, and keeping us informed about what to expect at each visit. Dr. Brodsky spoke to a group of patients about how important our diet and exercise is in preventing diabetes. He’s a natural teacher.





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